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Article! All gone! The adaptations that never happened - C. Romero

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Although we are accustomed to think, especially in recent years, with the resurgence of Austenmania in the 90s, there has been an excess of versions of Pride and Prejudice, which is probably true, there have been other projects that died the way.
I think that maybe, if they had seen the light, we would have been intoxicated by the known history, ad nauseum ... and the saddest thing is to think that while they spend time developing these versions, novels like Lady Susan, still not see the light. We love Austen, Pride and Prejudice, but at what price? Is it not better to have something new?
New versions, new adaptations, which may have been successful, but we no longer know if they would have been good. Next, you have a list of what could have been and was not.


90s: The Bennet Boys
Little is known of this work, and it looks like a detective work to seek more information about it. we only found a link to a list of janeite mails from 1998.
According to the email, there was an article in which Fay Weldon, author and screenwriter of the 1980 version, was writing a modern version, changing the sex of the characters. The Bennet sisters were the Bennet boys in this version, with ages between 18 and 30 years, with eldest brother coming home.

The truth is that changing the sex of the characters would have been strange and more in the 90s. Would they have been called gold diggers? Everything is a mystery.

2008 - Jane Austen Handheld
Following the successful 2005 film, it was thought to make a parody and it attained great popularity, as Stephen Fry would Mr Bennett and Carrie Fischer, his wife, with Goran visnij as Darcy. In addition, the singer Lily Allen would made ​​her debut as Lydia and controversial showman Russel Brand would be Wickham. The idea was to tell the story as a reality show.

The idea was innovative, but Lydia and Wickham more important than Darcy and Lizzy? Do we need so much disrespect? On the 2008, the film was lost in time.

2009 - State of Romance
NBC, network from USA, asks for new series every year and during the 2009-2010 season, they chose State of Romance. Here, Darcy and Elizabeth met in a plane and they did not like each other, but thanks to the romance that happens between friends, they keep crashing and curiosity becomes common interest. They lived in Chicago and although the pilot was shot, and there was even web page at NBC, it was never broadcasted or developed. Here you have this video on youtube, and we wonder how it would have been the rest of the series.

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2009 - Pride and Predator

While the nightmare publication of "Pride, Prejudice & Zombies" happened, Elton John, through his production company "Rocket Man", wanted to join the magic of Jane Austen with the Predator saga. Although it was a bizarre experiment, it could be the funniest. The thing is that at the end, it seemed that it was about that plot, but an alien invasion at the time of the Regency period. Will Clark was going to direct the film, but it did not happen.

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2012 - Darcy's Town

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, through Lifetime, proposed this series in 2012, written by Sheryl Anderson (Charmed), but little has been known, or a pilot has been developed, so we assume that it also sleeps "the sleep of the righteous."

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Finally we want to comment that there are new versions of the novel, a version in period time, Pride, Prejudice and Zombies and Sam Mendes' version of Lost in Austen, that if he ever made​​, he will hopefully much improve from the original. But we'll talk about this again, before the end of the year.
C. Romero

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