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#PicnicIsHere: Our celebration of the 200 years of Pride and Prejudice in Madrid, 2013

Por Mila

It seemed it would never come ... and it happened!And what a time we had!

A year ago we asked our janeite pals: but how is it possible that it is going to be the bicentenary of one of the most famous books of literature, and we have not planned any celebrations? At least, we, we could not afford. So we got down to the work from El Salón de Té (Jane's Site) and HablandodeJane blog, and we started to think too see what could be done with the limited, if not zero (except blogs, forums , facebooks, twitters, etc..) means we counted. And we have the immeasurable help of Almu (who designed the poster for the event, and much more) and Victoria Austen, the undercover genius ...

In the end, we came out the day we are going to tell you now:

We were on Friday 16th for a pre dinner which we had arrived early. We had to catch up those that already were together last year
(see the chronicle here) and mee the people we had not had the chaned to meet before but in the internet:

Cena previa

Here we are Almu, Victoria Austen, ElizzyB, Mr. Hachi Chan Chan Hachi, DanceWithEllie (Hablandodejane), Marcela and Lady Briela.

Hachi Chan is a pro janeite, and shed told us about her travels Austen territories in the UK ... she showed us her bag of Pride and Prejudice. I think that Dely Darcy has one equal .... grrrrrs!!

Bolsa Hachi

Acquired in the Jane Austen Centre in Bath.

But the truth is that she also came with presents for all. All thoughtfull Hachi! She hitted the jackpot:

Anillos y medallas

So here come the presents

Anillos Austen

Of course, we put the rings all that night and all the day of the Bicentennial celebration .. They are precious?? It seemed to me ... especially the detail ...

We went to bed very soon because some of us were tired of the trip and we expected a long hot day on Saturday 17.

We were in the Puerta del Retiro overlooking the Puerta de Alcalá. Madrid in August is a blast and there was no problem finding parking.What a miracle! Upon arrival, we met Hachi Chan, of course, in a perfect way: regency dress and picnic basket .... 

Puerta de Alcalá

The photo made by "Mr" Hachi Chan. He takes awesome pictures! An artist ... (I do not say for this pictures, but for others that will be published later in this blog or Hachi's site)

And here we are in the meeting point. On the one hand, in Madrid almost nothing attracts attention, we were almost in incognito. Only someone made ​​a comment when he saw us all together in this fashion, but generally, in Madrid it is true the quotation "live and let live":
Entrada Retiro

The representation from Mexico, Marcela and Lady Briela, in a perfect wayl!
Gabi y Marcela

With Colin Firth in the background, we made a great PhotoCall .... It was Darcy day!! Later, you will see more ...

Victoria Austen had chosen a place where we could be quiet, which was nice ... and there was shade! As always, her judgment was fabulous. So we moved into a peaceful place where we really were at our leisure ...

Sentadas Inicio

I really have nothing to envy to any event in the very Chawton! It seems that even the very Colin Firth, Darcy, could make an appearance at any time!

We started the evening with a presentation of who we were, and how we had come to organize this event. And then we started reading each one our favorite fragment Pride and Prejudice, commenting on why we had chosen it. It was a really beautiful, as we witnessed how Jane Austen comes in so many ways: by content, by language, by irony, by the feelings .... Here, in full reading.
Leyendo OP

We shared our views, all in a relaxed atmosphere in which you could feel the respect that Austen inspires us as well as the novel we were discussing. As always, Austen created the magic. And it could be felt in the group ....

Here's to Victoria Austen doing your comment ...

Her remarks were loudly applauded on facebook and twitter ... so great Victoria!

Then we took some pictures all together again in the PhotoCall. Each one took the opportunity to take a particular picture with their Mr. Darcy ...

Photo call todas

Not forgetting the Austen Gentlemen who had the patience to share the holy WHOLE DAY! with us. If these men are not Darcys, Austen come and see it ....
Los Caballeros Austen

Mr. Hachi Chan was wearing also a very funny T-shirt of Jane Austen, where it could be read ... "Jane Austen haunts me." Hachi Chan's passion for Jane Austen is well understood. And now we've added the rest! I said, a true gentleman Austen.
Camiseta caballero austeniano jane austen me persigue

Well, but we do not we fall behind as Austen Ladies Janeites, or regency ... what you like best!

Damas georgianas

Now lunch time. Some had done their homework well and they took their own food in their little regency baskets. Other approached to buy some sandwiches in a nearby shop, but the result was very good. By the way, someone made a carrot cake and scrumptious chocolate. We tiptoed placemats, linen napkins, cups and glasses of chic ... I said, a picnic with all the letters ...
Comida picnic

Hachi Chan gave us some more little details, and Elizzy distributed beautiful bookmarks as souvenirs for all, int this memorable day ...
Fruslerías Hachi

After eating, and for not falling into a deep summer siesta, we proposed a Pride and Prejudice trivial, to see if our austenites pals fell short of the Bicentennial. 30 questions that I can assure you that many of them were not at all easy. Four groups were formed: Meryton, the Collins, the Bennet and Bingley.

The score was pretty tight and I have to say THAT I FEEL PROUD OF THEIR KNOWLEDGE. The questions were not easy to answer, you had to have read the book several times, and have seen the movies over and over again: all met, but the winners were ....The Collins! But there were prizes for the four groups:

Las Collins

It is important to clarify that "Colllins" are actually "Colins" with an L. As Victoria Austen was in the group, it is clear that Colin Firth was ... not Mr. Collins ... nest ce pas, Vic?

Which by the way, finally made their dreams come true ...

Victoria Firth


Between one thing and anothe, it was tea time ... but we decided it was best change of scenery, so we went to the famous terrace El Espejo, also near the famous Café Gijón. There was shadow despite the sweltering heat, but the setting was really wonderful ... That's right: no hot tea. Would have had to pick with spoon .... so we opted for iced tea, horchata, Cokes, lemonade ... It was such a hot day!

El té en El Espejo

After tean some austenites retired to change their outfit. And other finished their journey here. It was a pleasure to meet and have shared together for one day a passion ....

So, finally, stayed for dinner. Gabi and Marcela brought us some beautiful postcards of the movie Austenland, because they had attended a few days before the premiere in San Diego, invited by the JASNA San Diego. Lucky you! And what detail bring us the official poster postcard! Thank you all too!

Cena despedida

The day was ending. It was short, very nice .... and we look forward to meet soon!

We missed the people that couldn't come. We finally did it. Real and virtual together to celebrate, with all the respect, admiration, affection and enthusiasm, which is probably our favorite novel Pride and Prejudice.

A big hug to all!! It is a privilege to belong to this community austenite ....

Thanks to all that came: Noemí, Juana, Julia, Gabi, Marcela, Aurora, Maica her gentleman :), Toñi and Mr Hachi, Nuria and her Mr Darcy, Mari Ángeles, Victoria, Scarlett :), Paula and her family, Raquel and also a great thought to all those who couldn't come like our Conchi, Eire (thanks for sharing and helping), Evelyn, Sanguichuela, Laura, Faride, Mª Elena, Jennifer and JASNA group in Denver, JASNA San Diego, Lales, Olivia, Estrella, Jota, Noelia and the rest who commented, participated or had interest. How we wish we can meet again and have another meeting together....or that we can have a Jane Austen Association in Spanish :). Keep following the blog, because there are more pictures to come and things....about this picnic :)

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  1. ¡Me encantó el Picnic, la compañía de lujo, nos llevamos gratos recuerdos del Retiro hasta México!

  2. Hasta que por fin pude ver la entrada, chicas. Felicidades nuevamente, se ve que disfrutaton muchísimo y que fue un evento genial. A ver si me apunto el año que viene cuando sea el aniversario de Mansfield Park. Si no, aunque sea virtualmente.
    Oh, y vi que hubo presencia masculina. ¡Bravo!
    Besos y muchísimos saludos. ¡Que se repita!


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