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About our competition for the 11th anniversary of El Sitio de Jane: prizes and more Pride and Prejudice

Puedes leer la versión en castellano aquí.

We write because we believe this contest is not well explained and we fear you can miss the chance to participate  till June 14. First of all, for those who speak English, you can opt to 3 awards:


The gifts will be sent to anywhere in the world where you live. And on the shirts, you can choose color, size and language of the quotation (English or Spanish).

What you should do? It's easy, any of these things, because they are the activities we are doing in this blog to celebrate the anniversary. So you can:

  • Take a picture with your book of Pride and Prejudice. You can be in the picture, the book can be on your bookshelf, or with your janeite stuff, nice sights of your city, a landmark, etc. ...
  • Take a picture of yoursefl with a quote from Pride and Prejudice on somewhere nice you like it.
  • Request a quotation to sitiojane@gmail.com , we will give you some words, and you'll have to take a picture of yourself with them.

In any case, once you've taken the picture, you must send it to this email (sitiojane@gmail.com) or via twitter (@salonjaneausten), with your name, city or country. If you do not receive a confirmation email in a couple of days, send it again.

It's that easy, so do not hesitate to participate :) Good luck to all!

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