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Hampshire, Bath, Winchester and Chawton are making the first moves...

Esta entrada en castellano aquí.

It is imposible that 2013 is missing to every town that are related to Jane Austen, specially on the 200th anniversay of the publication of the most known novel of the writer. She was born in Alton, Hampshire; she then went to Bath and Chawton, and she died in Winchester, in which cathedral she is buried. No one wants to miss the party, they are aware of the visitors that will come (will we go?) in exciting travel, and all the Austen presents that are going to be sold.
So thanks to Cinthia, from Foro de Jane Austen en Castellano, who gave me the news, I let you know, that for the moment, some activities are being schedules in those places, just in case you are preparing a trip or you want to visit some of the events:
Till 23 of December they will make an exhibition with objects related to  Jane Austen, and they want to make it move to other places.
They are making several activites, especially on 28th January.
Even if it is already famous for its ball and party, this year will be special.
On 22nd June of 2013. Last year, it rained, so we hope Jane can help and the weather is good.…
Although in Chatsworth I haven't found any activity for the moment, maybe they just have the official Pemberley, and that's enough.
The usual activities are wonderful and maybe they can do something special.
I don't want to finish without talking about the (virtual) Republic of Pemberley, the oldest Austen blog, wher you can find EVERYTHING. Maybe my sweet memories, are due to those years when surfing in internt was like sci-fi, and there you could find the forum and information, and all janeites could gather.…
PD: this is a translation of this entry in Spanish by Mila.

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