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200 years of Pride and Prejudice, come and let's celebrate together!

Hi to all, dear Janeites,

2013 is a very important year for us. On 28th January of 1813 Pride and Prejudice was published, bu a lady who had written Sense and Sensibility, and we all know as Jane Austen.

From El Salón de Té de Jane Austen and El Sitio de Jane, with the help of Anacronicos, HablandeJane, El Museo del Romanticismo and other sites, that we will tell as as soon as you join, we want to do the biggest celebration we can. We are not closed to anybody, we want to do a party without frontiers or language barriers, so please, if you are going to make a celebration, we are here to communicate it and participate if we can.
For the moment, you can join one of the three homages we are making, for the moment. We are going to show them for you, and if you want, you can join, but all the ideas and homages will start to be published from 1st of January of 2013, when the party starts, to 31st of December:

1. There is no better homage than the very book.
Just like we did on 2011 with Sense and Sensibility, we want to make a homage to Pride and Prejudice, thorugh your own copies of the novel. You just have to take yor books to a nice place in your city or town and take a pic. You can be in the photograph if you want too :). When you have finished, you send the pic to our mail or you send a tweet to @salonjaneausten

Look at this expample and its album...wouldn't it be lovely to share your city and favorite book? Remember you can send severla pictures and if you travel, you can send pics too :)

2. The global quotation
If you like the book, that's because it is wondefully written by Jane Austen. Would you like to be part of the story? Well, the idea is very simple. Write to our twitter or mail and we will give you a word of the book. You take that word, you write it in a banner and you take a picture of the banner and yourself. When we unite several pictures, we will have Pride and Prejudice quotations! For example
And you can repeat every 2 weeks, as lon as you send your word in less than a week.

3. More homages
If you want to be part of an electronic book we are going to do for the homages, you just have to send what you want to be part (fanfic, cook recipes, poems, nice words, etcetera) and we will be preparing the book. At the end, we will have the biggest homage we can :)

Do you like the ideas? Do you wanna join? Do you have more ideas? Tell us what you think :)

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  1. Thanks for making this blog. I know I shall celebrate next year for being the 200th age of Pride and Prejudice - my favorite book of all times. And still, after 200 years, it is one of the most popular novels, in modern times.
    Every year, in the last century there's an adaptation or a book, or anything that comes out that has to do with Pride and Prejudice. No matter what century we are in now, there is always something new comes out for Pride and Prejudice. It is as if people try their very best to make this amazing novel present and fresh as it was 200 years ago.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Arwen. Isn't it wonderful that we are still breathing for a very old story? But if that story is timeless and universal, it's only perfectly natural :). As you said, in 200 it's so fresh in modern times.
      Yes, there are lot of things every year about Pride and Prejudice. For this special birthday, we are going to rock the party :). So I invite you to unite us...All our entries will be in Spanish and English (or even other languages...). I hope to see you here! :)


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